Frameworks International Consulting
Frameworks International Consulting

Frameworks International Consulting

Expert advice in conflict prevention, peacebuilding & security sector reform.  

Our mission

To support countries in developing the tools they need to govern responsibly and create and sustain peace.   

Our vision

A world in which countries work together on the basis of respect and understanding, leaders are guided by the wisdom of the people and places they serve, and the potential for violent conflict is transformed through dialogue and responsible governance.  

our approach

We believe violent conflict can be prevented, and that all countries are able to govern effectively and peacefully.  All countries have unique gifts; recognizing and sharing these talents and resources is a key part of stepping out of cycles of violence and poverty.  Within countries, responsible security forces that serve their citizens have an important role to play in creating and sustaining peace.    

Our approach focuses on helping partners establish the vision, space and frameworks needed to organize complex processes and design and adapt their own solutions.  We emphasize the development of clear foundations for peace and capacity building processes, beginning with shared vision and mutual respect.  We aim to develop resilient institutions that are aligned with their purpose, responsive to citizens and communities, and ready to face current and future challenges.  

Sustainable approaches to building peace and preventing conflict extend far beyond the security sector.  We therefore welcome opportunities to work with and support others who are developing the new systems our world needs in areas including education, development, migration and human rights.  

Our intent is to bring vision, clarity and commitment to any process we support.